2007 Northmavine Guiser Jarl  Neil Doull with his squad

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The story of Northmavine Up-Helly-Aa

2007 Billhead

Guiser Jarl - Neil Doull, Sullom

Galley Name - SJØ ULF

Number of Squads in 2007-


2007 Standard bearer

Top of the page is the Jarls Squad around the Galley at Hillswick.

The picture above left is one of the Bill Head and is a beautifully painted scene depicting the Jarl and members of his family drawing a Galley ashore at Mavis Grind.

Above right is a photo of one of the squads standard bearers.

Left is the Jarl, Neil Doull, in his Galley.

Below left is the sailing Galley lying at Hillswick and directly below is a picture of two members of the Jarls squad.

2007 Guiser Jarl Neil Doull
Sailing galley in the water 2007
2007 Procession

Above left: One of the many squads lining up in the procession with their torches.

Above right: The Jarls father Addie alongside the galley on her way to the burning site.

Left is a picture of two of the musicians (Alan Jamieson and Adam Johnson) accompanying the Jarls squad in the Hillswick Hall.

Right is of the galley ablaze on the water at Urafirth.

Addie Doull
2007 Squad musicians
Sjo Ulf burning on th ewater
Hillswick Eshaness Area Regeneration & Development header
Up-Helly-Aa 2007

2007 Jarl 's squad members

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