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The story of Northmavine Up-Helly-Aa

Guiser Jarl - George Robertson, Sullom

Galley Name - MAURILDI

Number of Squads in 2001-


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Up-Helly-Aa 2001
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Year 2000

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Northmavine Guiser Jarl for the year 2001 George Robertson with his squad.
The Jarl and his squad gathered around the galley Maurildi at Hillswick.

Colin McKay

George Robertson in the Maurildi

Rachel Anne with George Robertson

Above is Colin McKay, one of the Jarls Squad with right the Guiser Jarl in his boat and on the far right the Guiser Jarl and one of his musicians for the day Rachel Anne Williamson.
2001 Bill

The wedding ceremony

1991 was a unique year for Northmavine Northmavine Up-Helly-Aa in that the Guiser Jarl decided to get married on Up-Helly-Aa day.

The photo above is the wedding ceremony on board the galley Maurildi and below is the Bride and Groom as they came ashore from the galley.


Above is a picture of the bill.

Below is the Jarl and four of his attendants in the North Roe Hall.

2001 princesses