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The story of Northmavine Up-Helly-Aa

Guiser Jarl - Bertie Ratter, Eshaness

Galley Name - ASTJHUNUS

Number of Squads in 1984-


Northmavine Up-Helly-Aa Jarl for 1984 Bertie Ratter with his squad on the beach at Hillswick.
Squad members standing - from top left are Frank Manson, Peter Cambell, *******, Laurence Johnson, Neil Ratter?, Bobby Mouat, *******, Douglas Murray, Janice Johnson, Angela Ratter and the Jarl Bertie Ratter. Kneeling - front row from the left are *******, Bob Copland, Alasdair Stuart, Eric Johnson, Tommy Herridge and Robert Anderson.
1984 Billhead
Bertie Ratter with his 1984 Northmavine Jarls squad
Bertie Ratter with his galley
Above: Bertie Ratter at the bow of the Astjhunus
Above: The 1984 Billhead.

Above: The Astjuhnus with some of her crew at Hillswick.

Below: Bob Copland alongside the galley during the procession.

Above: Robert Anderson and Bertie Ratter.


Below: The 1984 Jarls squad on the beach.

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Up-Helly-Aa 1984
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Robert Anderson with Guiser Jarl Bertie Ratter

1984 Jarls squad in the Astjhunus

Bob Copland alongside the Astjhunus
Bertie Ratter with some of his squad 1984