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Dr Tom Anderson Project
HEARD would like to thank everyone who gave freely their time and talent to appear in the video, Malcolm Younger for his excellent camera work, Shetland Television for producing the film, Local Heritage Initiative Scotland, Awards for All, Shetland Arts Trust, Shetland Enterprise and Northmaven Community Council for the financial help granted to make this project possible.

During the video several of Tammy's friends including Ally Bain, left, who was Tammy's first pupil and international virtuoso and Charlie Simpson pictured right, who is the leader of the Shetland Fiddlers Society, recounts about Tammy the man and his role in promoting Shetland's traditional music worldwide.

There is archive footage of Tammy enjoying a tune with some of his pupils and friends and to add another dimension to HEARD's contribution to a great man, some excellent footage of Eshaness' dramatic cliff scenery was filmed from the air and used as a backdrop in the video.

Joan Tait read some excellent poetry in dialect and Mary Blance told a trowie story about the 'Shapiltie's Hol'. This is a legendary water-horse in local folklore and relates to the water mill being considered by HEARD for renovation.

Dr. Tom Anderson
Catriona Macdonald
Ally Bain
On the night all the local folk of retirement age were invited to an evening out with a tasty supper and free transport to enjoy world famous Shetland fiddler, Catriona Macdonald provide an evening of music, ably supported by the Heritage Players, Halliget, Vikki Johnson and the Northmavine Accordion and Fiddle Club who also provided the music for the dance that followed.
Charlie Simpson
Pictures on this page are the copyright of Shetland Television.

Folk fae da past


Dr Tom Anderson







Tammy Anderson is also one of the folk featured in 'Folk fae da Past' and it was because he was born and brought up in Eshaness and due to the vast contribution he made to Shetland fiddle music that HEARD decided to honour his memory by having a video made about him.

The video project took almost eighteen months from start to finish and was partly recorded by film maker Malcolm Younger in May 2004, during a concert arranged by HEARD in the Eshaness Community Centre.


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