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Hillswick, Eshaness Area Regeneration and Development Association, more commonly known as HEARD

Every person within this area is eligible to be a member of HEARD and as such is welcome to attend the monthly meetings or submit comments or ideas at anytime for consideration. The group also welcomes help or advice from anybody with a particular interest or knowledge of an ongoing or any future project being considered by them. The group has also been privileged and is grateful to have received wide ranging advice and support from Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Enterprise, Shetland Amenity Trust and Northmaven Community Council.

HEARD is administered entirely by volunteers, most of whom have full time jobs, but they willingly give their valuable free time and energy to improving and protecting the environment for future generations.

Before any project can be undertaken, HEARD must obtain financial support from a funding partner to allow the plan to proceed. Depending on the venture being undertaken, applications may be submitted to a number of organisations, before sufficient funding is in place. This process takes a great deal of time and effort and frequently results in fund raising within the community being required to provide Heard's share of a projects cost.

The help and generous support given by the public to meet these requirements are appreciated. Thank you.

Map of HEARDS area in Northmavine, Shetland
Since then HEARD has been working towards bringing some of the communities wishes to fruition. When considering how best to include as many households as possible within a workable boundary HEARD decided to encompass everybody within the 01806 503 telephone code area, so although HEARD's initials only mention Hillswick and Eshaness, the group's remit also incorporates Assetter, Heylor, Urafirth and covers as far south as Hamar.

An open meeting was held in 2002 at the Hillswick Public Hall in an attempt to induce the local community to work together reversing the social decline of the past decades and perhaps improve economic interest by establishing a desirable place to live and work consequently encouraging young people and families to remain resident in the parish.

During this meeting people voiced numerous and very varied opinions on what could and should be done to enhance and improve the district. From those present a steering group was formed to progress the ideas and this group has become known as HEARD.

Because of the diverse ideas muted at the meeting, a questionnaire was circulated to each of the 160 households in the area, inviting people to offer three suggestions they felt would enrich the quality of life within their locality.

The resulting submissions were collated and are used as a blue print for action by the group, who were given timely reminders of the necessity to record and protect the areas historic past, stimulate interest in the present and inspire pride in each districts future.

Among other wide ranging ideas submitted were appeals for urgent attention to the visual impact of the area and for something to be done about the historic buildings being consigned to rubble around the place. An improvement to and a clean up of Hillswick's sea front and the enhancement of other local attractions was also highlighted as being fundamental to complimenting the unspoiled natural beauty of this area.






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